Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So we made it through a big wind and rain storm on the sand dunes of Oregon. We had 60 mile and hour winds off the ocean and some sickness as well, so our pace got slowed down significantly. It's now almost the end of October and we're stuck in Brookings Oregon with three people sick in bed. I was laid up yesterday and two others today. After 36 hours of sleep and some easy food everything is back to normal. Hopefully it was just something we ate or a quick flu. Luckily, Brookings is on a beautiful beach and the weather is warm and sunny. Tomorrow we hope to finally cross the boarder into California and follow this weather south. The ocean is so beautiful every day with the waves crashing on the beach and rocky shore. We are looking forward to Eureka, California in a few days to add another brewery (Lost Coast Brews) to our list of coastal stops on our trip. Anyway, time to go do some groceries in town and back to the beach. The rough life of a cycle tourist.

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